By Jeff Ray


A DENSE FOG ADVISORY is in effect until 6am. We had a skies clear on the heals of a heavy rain, the fog started forming just after the sun went below horizon. Visibility dropped to under a quarter mile in and around the metro area. Please drive with caution. We have a cold front pushing in drier air and picking up the winds out of the north after midnight. This will help clear out the fog as the we get later in the night.

We had a run of incredible weather early this week. Then winter arrived (the Winter Solstice at 11am Saturday)


We avoided the severe weather this morning as the heavy rain and storms came through. What a rain! It was the biggest one-day rain at DFW since May 15th. Our weather spotters showed how uniform it was spread across the metro area. We had a few reports of over 2″ of rain.

RAINFALL UPDATE Rain Totals 4CO Rainfall Totals

The rain cleared out by afternoon and the sun broke out. This allowed highs to reach to the low 50’s in the metro. On the other side of stationary front that drapped over the north Texas it stayed in the 40’s.

This is a major winter storm across the eastern half of the country. We only got heavy rain; there was an ice storm over central and eastern Oklahoma. Tornado watches are still in effect as of this evening across the south in the warm air. There are reports of tornado damage in Louisiana, Arkansas and Kentucky:

Tornado Watches

In the cold air side of this storm there is a band of heavy snow that stretches from Amarillo to Kansas City. More ice will fall in Topeka, Kansas City and central Missouri before it changes over to snow. What a mess for Holiday travelers! It is estimated that over 90 million people travel by air or car from this weekend to Christmas day.

Winter Warnings

incredible rainfall amounts are being reported in Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky as well as Indiana. Flooding warnings stretch for over a 1000 miles:

Flood Watches

For us a cold front will push through overnight bringing a shot of cold air. Ahead of the front overnight we’ll have a few hours of a thick fog. By daybreak most of that fog should be gone thanks to a brisk north wind. Highs tomorrow will stay in the low 40’s:

NTX Tomorrows Lows Manual1

We are putting a slight chance of rain into the forecast on Christmas Day. A cold front will come through, an upper level low will pull some moisture into the front and over the pool of cold air at the surface. This will make for a cloudy Christmas Day with a slight (20%) chance for rain:

US FutureCast4 US FutureCast4W US FutureCast4EE

We’ll be in the cold air on Thursday. We could have some light rain early in the morning (it could be sleet if the system slows down). This is a glancing blow of cold air, we’ll start warming up as we approach the New Year:

Extended PM