FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Days of waiting and wondering: will my Christmas gifts ever arrive? As it stands, the United Parcel Service (UPS) is still trying to get people their packages in time for Christmas morning.

As customers continue to inquire about their packages the answer they receive varies with who is being asked the question.

Officially, UPS says the company has worked through the backlog caused by winter weather more than two weeks ago. But all day, customers have been in and out of the distribution center in Fort Worth – many saying they’re still waiting for packages.

Cars sat double-parked at the center, in the 1300 block of East Northside Drive. The overwhelmed parking lot was a sign of how many extra workers the company brought in to relieve the backlog.

It was hard to count how many customers showed up still looking for their packages.

Customer Lucy Breor said, “The line’s out the door and it’s cold, and people are complaining in line and people are like angry and yelling at people.”

Breor and George Karam ordered his sister’s Christmas present a week ago. A UPS tracking site shows it arrived in Fort Worth on the 18th. Since then, UPS has delayed delivery four times.

“They said it hasn’t been processed yet,” Karam claimed. “And I said, ‘well can we expect it before Christmas?’” Breor said the UPS worker, “…just shrugged his shoulders.”

Another customer, Rusty Redden, can relate to the frustration. “It’s been a whole process just trying to get a hold of them,” he said.

Redden claims that after finally getting someone on the phone he was told his package was at the distribution center. He said he drove out to Northside Drive only to learn the package was indeed there, somewhere, still loaded on a truck.

On Friday, a UPS spokesperson had a positive outlook on progress. “We are looking great. We feel we’ve worked through the backlog.” But customers in Fort Worth say they’re hearing a different story and worry come Wednesday they’ll still be empty handed.

Sadly customer Jason Constantino said, “A lot of people are walking out without any packages and no real hope of getting them before Christmas.”

UPS workers told CBS 11 News they’re not the only ones behind schedule — during this busy season. They claim FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service are too. Sure enough on social media, we found plenty of complaints about all three.

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