DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Another win-or-go-home game to finish The Dallas Cowboys season, another heartbreak for fans.

“It was disappointing to say the least,” said Cowboys fan Scott Whitaker. “We thought we could pull it out. But we just couldn’t do it in the end.”

Even Jerry Jones couldn’t hide his frustration after another missed shot at the playoffs and could be seen apparently barking out an expletive as he made his way out of his suite at AT&T Stadium.

“Oh, man!” fan Lindale Brooks exclaimed. “It was a tough one, man. I feel like it’s a game we actually could have won.”

(Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images)

(Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images)

With another mediocre season in the books, fan attention now is on the coaching staff. Should there be changes? And if so, who do you fire? Defensive coordinator Monte Kiffen? Head coach Jason Garrett?

“With all the talent they have there, you need to get better results than that,” said Whittaker. I don’t know if it’s coaching, play calling; something’s got to be done.

“I keep hearing about Monte Kiffen and Jason Garrett,” fan Kirsten Meyer said. “But Jerry Jones says he’s going to keep Garrett so I don’t know.”

“I feel like you should just clean the whole slate, just go ahead and get a whole new coaching staff,” Brooks said. “Because obviously the guys in there right now aren’t getting it done.”

Despite all the heartaches, many say the cowboys are still number one in the hearts of fans.

“This is Dallas,” Whitaker said. “This is always going to be a cowboys town. No matter win or lose!”

But others say another team is the biggest hit in the metroplex right now.

“They have the winning record, so I’d say people are leaning more toward the Texas Rangers right now.” Brooks said.

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