By CBS 11 Meteorologist Jeff JamisonBy Jeff Jamison

North Texas is suffering from brutal cold, as much of the middle of the U.S. is too. Temperatures this morning made it down into the teens across North Texas. There was no record low set at DFW this morning. The record is 11° for today, and we fell just shy of that.

NTX Lows This Morning

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This was the lowest temperature since February 10, 2011 when the reading also hit 15° at DFW. That was during the infamous Super Bowl week ice storm.  Consider that just two days ago, DFW saw high temperatures hovering around 70 degrees.

So just how rare is it to see 15° in the DFW area? During the last decade, we’ve only seen it six times, including today.

Nov Cold Facts2

These bone-chilling temperatures are part of a trend we’ve seen this season in North Texas. We’ve seen 29 freezes during the cold season so far (since November 1). That’s the most on record for the same time period. November and December featured below average temperatures, overall. So far, this is the coldest winter season since 2009-2010.

We will see lows in the teens again tonight, but a slow warm-up through the end of the week is expected.

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