NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – At the Hochstetler home in Justin a familiar sound has taken over.

The kids are coughing, wiping noses and resting.

“Through out the night they cough.  They get up their fever’s rise,” says mom Brandi Hochstetler “Their tummy’s don’t feel good,” says Hochstetler “Their appetites aren’t great.”

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The flu has hit the family hard and it’s sparing no punches.

First it was 5 year old Thatcher who got sick last Friday. By Monday it had also jumped to big sister Sophie,7.

Some doctors say they haven’t really seen a spike in the number of children with the flu.

At Cook Children’s Medical Center Wednesday afternoon the ER had no flu patients.

“The kids have not had as much severe disease so far,” says Dr. Donald Murphey who is the Medical Director of Pediatric Infectious Disease at Cook Children’s “We are in the start of what may be a bad flu season this year some of the hospitals are seeing a lot of flu we have not seen a ton of flu yet, but I think our numbers are climbing consistently.”

At Cook Children’s during the first week of January last year the hospital had 427 confirmed flu cases.

So far this year the cases have dropped by nearly a third to 296.

“I’m hopeful that maybe the kids over the last few years have been immunized several times and may have some protection,” says Dr. Murphey.

Something doctors say they have noticed this season is just how fast the virus can spread through an entire family.

At the Hochstetler home they are making due and getting ready for a few long weeks.

“When we get some kind of bug it takes 6 weeks to go through the whole house and all members of our family because there is six of us and we don’t all get it at the same time so to be able to have 2 kids sick at one time is kind of a blessing to us,” says Hochstetler.

Doctors say the best thing to fight the bug is still the flu shot.

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