By Jeff Ray

Metro Max Gusts Today Auto Plot

We had wind gusts over 40mph this afternoon. A Wind Advisory stretched across the day as the threat of grass fires stayed high. The air was not only moving quickly over the terrain it was very dry as well; this helps dry out the vegetation and increases the fire risk.

These winds came from the south all day; when they are this strong it almost always brings above normal temperatures. They typical high this time of year is in the mid-50’s. Today was the warmest day of the year so far, the official high at DFW hit 74°. Almost all reporting stations hit 70° or higher:

Metro High Temps Today Auto Plot

We have a cold front coming down from the northwest moving in overnight. There isn’t really cold air behind it like the one that came through a week ago. Tomorrow will be about 15° cooler but that’s a high temperature that is still above normal. Overnight the wind turn to the west and then northwest. It’ll stay rather breezy all night. The colors in yellow and light blue represent wind speeds over 15mph. Notice that just behind the front (coming through in the middle of the night) we get another little burst of wind, this time from the northwest:

RPM 12km Wind Speed Wide Texas RPM 12km Wind Speed Wide Texas2

We’ve had a little bit of rain fall in the southeast corner of our viewing area. This is where the humidity is much higher. The front will interact with this moist air and create more rain in the same areas overnight. For the metro area the frontal passage just means clouds. Those clouds will clear by daybreak as dry air comes pouring in from the north.

Despite the cold front and colder winds we still get up to 60° tomorrow because of this dry air. It warms easier than when its chock full of water vapor. The temperature won’t budge much across the morning but should leap up in the early afternoon:

NTX FutureCast Mon7a Mon11a Mon4p

The extended forecast continues to show dry and mild cold fronts coming through every 2-3 days. We’ll stay sunny and mostly mild through the period with only a few nights around freezing. Nice winter weather!

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