Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on The Bachelor – except without all the whining, drama and stuck up ladies?

Wait, I guess that’s not really like The Bachelor at all (not that I’ve ever watched such a show).

My point is, I got the opportunity to live such a life Sunday night when I spent the evening on a group date with the 10 dancers from the Texas Revolution: Vanessa Forman, Diana Mauricio, Stacey Renee, Yamil Nicole, Belinda Kathryn, Callie Frances, Katie Leigh, Amber Martin, Portia King and Heather Ford.

It all started out innocently enough.

Myself and radio partner Cory Mageors were asked to emcee the finals for the dance team tryouts last month. The ladies picked for the team all seemed very nice … OK, OK and super hot, so we befriended them … as red-blooded American males are apt to do. A week later, we had Heather on the show and I asked her on a “date.” She said yes … of course she did … but then insisted that she and her teammates do everything together, so I’d have to go out with all of them.

Oh man, what a tough life I lead.

Of course, I said yes immediately … wouldn’t you? And if you said no, take another look at the attached pictures and rethink that answer.

Our group date, which consisted of me and 10 super fine ladies (11 if you count Summer, who works for the team and came along – yes, she is very pretty as well) took place Sunday.

We started out at Top Golf in Allen where I was crushing the ball … sure I was doing so with a women’s driver, but that’s neither here nor there, seriously – why would you even bring that up? I also got to instruct a few of the ladies on the proper way to swing the club … once again, lucky me! From there, we made our way (in a sweet-ass limo, mind you) to Estilo Gaucho in Frisco. So much delicious food there and a lot of quality conversation as well.

A good time was had by all, at least that’s how I interpreted it as there was discussion of all the women becoming sister wives to me (their suggestion, not mine), there was insistence on a second date and a couple of the girls agreed to come in studio for the show.

My advice for procuring such a situation for yourself is simple: become a radio personality … then the women will come to you.

Going out with the Texas Revolution Dancers (photo by Kevin Hageland, 105.3 The Fan)

Going out with the Texas Revolution Dancers (photo by Kevin Hageland, 105.3 The Fan)

Oh, and make sure you head out to the Allen Event Center at 7 p.m. Feb. 15 to check out the Texas Revolution’s home opener against the North Texas Crunch. You can see some fun football and check out the dancers.

When doing the latter, make sure to hit me up @OThankKevin, so we can compare notes on who our favorite was. Unless of course this is one of the dancers reading, in which case … um … you were all my favorite!

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