Self-proclaimed computer geek, David Danforth majored in telecommunications with a minor in journalism and interned at a PBS station. While in a news editing course at Eastern New Mexico University, a fellow student and photo editor of the school paper hired Danforth to cover sports and news pieces. Danforth loved it so much that he flipped his major to journalism with a minor in telecommunications.

(Photo courtesy of David Danforth)

(Photo courtesy of David Danforth)

He worked several jobs while he was in school to get ample hands-on, real-world experience and upon graduation, Danforth applied for jobs at 15 different companies. He received two offers – one in New Mexico and one in Dallas as a photographer for the Mesquite News.

He decided to go with Mesquite News because the owner also owned several other publications. After two years, Danforth was promoted to photo editor of all seven publications. Seeking a job where he wasn’t on call 24/7, Danforth went to work for Collin County Community College District as a computer lab technician. This was Danforth’s first taste of working in an educational setting.

Danforth was asked to teach a class in Adobe Software. He taught an Intro to Graphic Design class as an adjunct instructor and was hooked.

“I never thought it would be my profession. I took the adjunct position just to make extra money,” said Danforth, who has now been teaching for 14 years (12 of them at Eastfield College).

Ten years out of college, Danforth returned to the classroom as a student to earn a Master’s degree.

“I found out that I wasn’t a good student initially. I had to relearn how to study and take notes. It was tough going back but it was very important for my daughters to see the importance of education,” said Danforth about displaying his papers on the refrigerator.

When it comes to going back to school, Danforth has this advice, “Really research the degree you are getting. What is the job market like for the degree you want to get? Are there job opportunities in the field that you are pursuing? You have to find something you have a passion for. If you really love it and have passion for it, you can make money doing it.”

Robin D. Everson is a native Chicagoan who resides in Dallas, Texas. Her appreciation for art, food, wine, people and places has helped her become a well-respected journalist. A life-long lover of education, Robin seeks to learn and enlighten others about culture. You can find her work at