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NEW YORK, NY (105.3 THE FAN) – A quick update from the NYC for you fine folks, in the form of a little tale about the five reasons that Dallas is better than NYC that I’ve surmised so far:

1 – Pigeons.  The pigeons here do not fear humans, and appear to believe they are one of us.  Got in a fight with one today on the way to Radio Row to do the show.  I was on the sidewalk, he was on the sidewalk.  I’m accustomed to birds getting out of the way for humans.  He wasn’t down for that.  He stood his ground, gave the wings a flag, and I believe cursed at me.

2 – Cold.  It’s cold outside.  Got it?  I’m of the belief that there is no such thing as “getting used to” cold.  No one’s happy.  Walking 20 blocks in 14 degree weather is just about the worst idea in the history of ever.  So why do I do it every morning?  Because I fear cab drivers.  I feel like getting in a cab is the beginning of a horror movie.  Out on that.

3 – Beer price.  What I wouldn’t give for an $8 pitcher of beer right now, as opposed to $7 bottles.

4 – No respect for the law.  A red light means absolutely nothing in NYC.  If a car thinks they can fit somewhere, the color of the stop light is 100% irrelevant.  Then the sonsabitches will honk at you for walking across the street when the little green fella on the sign says it’s quite alright to walk.

5 – They tell lies in NYC.  I heard before we came up here that I have to try the pizza.  Gotta try the pizza!  So I did it, I’m a man of the people.  I went to one of the big named places with that top notch pizza product.  Know what it tastes like?  The big slices you can buy in the food court at Collin Creek Mall.  Don’t believe the hype, go get you some Texas BBQ and smile.

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I miss you all.  Here’s a couple pictures @ktfuntweets and I took while walking these ridiculously cold streets.

KT and a crazy homeless dude in NYC (Photo by KT, 105.3 The Fan)

KT and a crazy homeless dude in NYC (Photo by KT, 105.3 The Fan)

Disclaimer:  The sign KT is holding belonged to the weird guy.  Not to KT.  We don’t condone breaking the law.

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