DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A winter storm is making its way across the country, and people in North Texas are feeling the impact. Hundreds of flights in and out of the DFW area are canceled for Tuesday.

Conditions in North Texas are frigid, with temperatures dropping down to the teens in some cities. But there is no precipitation in the Tuesday forecast. Still, other parts of the country are facing much worse weather conditions, and it has forced a number of travelers to change their plans.

Robert Dixon from Dallas was trying to get to North Carolina, first passing through Atlanta. But his flight was canceled. “I chose to get ahead of the storm and leave on the 7:00 a.m. flight, which really disrupted my plans and so forth,” Dixon said. “I spent the night here at the airport.”

DFW International Airport has reported just over 100 flight cancellations for Tuesday, while Southwest Airlines has canceled about 10 percent of its scheduled flights across the country — about 360 flights systemwide.

Most of the canceled flights are arrivals coming into Dallas from other parts of the nation. Atlanta and Houston are among those cities seeing harsh conditions on Tuesday, and many flights into and out of these airports are being canceled. Airlines have warned travelers that further cancellations and delays are expected throughout the day.

Anybody with travel plans on Tuesday is urged to check their flight’s status before leaving for the airport.

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