ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – The Arlington Police Department has responded to four separate reports of young girls who were inappropriately touched by a  male stranger recently. Police haven’t connected all four cases to the same suspect.

One of the attacks happened in the 2300 block of Huntington Dr. in East Arlington. A retired couple home at the time heard the young woman’s screams and answered her cry for help.

“I heard her hollering for help again I knew this was serious,” said Vicki Cope, who saw the sexual assault in progress from her window. “I saw this guy. He had her pinned down. So I said ‘you need some help?’ She says yes! He’s trying to rape me!”

Cope called 9-11 immediately and yelled for her husband Larry to help. He ran out of the house ot the corner and confronted the suspect; ending the attack.

The suspect fled but the vigilant neighbor said he wasn’t taking any chances in case the attacker returned. Larry went back inside and retrieved his gun.

“I had three loads. Didn’t have one chambered, but it wouldn’t take me more than half a second to chamber one… if she said that’s him I was going to make sure he wasn’t going to go anywhere,” said Cope.

Suspect descriptions vary in each reported case, aside from the man being depicted as a Hispanic male who either spoke Spanish or had a heavy accent.

Since the first reported incident, Arlington Police officers have been actively investigating each of these child indecency cases. Officers have conducted interviews with the girls and potential witnesses including increasing patrols in those specific communities. They continue to promote public safety education and awareness through various groups such as Community Watch and Citizens on Patrol.

Arlington residents remain on high alert as police continue to search for whoever is responsible for the vicious, sexual attacks.

“For this to happen right here in my yard. It’s scary.”