By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry


A cold front will move from northwest to southeast slowly across North Texas.  Temperatures will be mild in the morning Saturday but then fall in the afternoon.  Drizzle and light rain will be with us in the morning, but rain chances will shift east of Dallas in the afternoon.  Here’s a timeline of temperatures and rain chances for Dallas/Fort Worth.  If you live north, temps will turn colder earlier.  If you live south the cold air will arrive later in the afternoon.



This is the day where we could see wintry weather in parts of North Texas.  The most likely location for this is NW of the Metroplex.  As always, temperatures will be very important.  I expect temperatures on Sunday to stay in the 33 to 37 degree range here in DFW Metroplex.  I do expect that some of us that do live in the Metro area will see some sleet and snow mixed in with the cold rain.  But temperatures staying in the mid 30s would mean no major icing problems on the roadways.

Northwest areas of North Texas will have the highest probability of snow with even some accumulation possible.

Here is a map showing the greatest impact from this storm.  Beneath this map I have highlighted more specifically the impacts.  Click on an image to enlarge it.

NTX Road Impacts

NTX Road Impacts1

NTX Road Impacts2


The precipitation will be in North Texas between 5am and 7pm Sunday.  We won’t see precipitation that whole time, but that is the window of time when precipitation will be possible.

Here is a general breakdown in timeparts.

SUNDAY 5am to 8AM

NTX Rain Chances1

SUNDAY 8am to 1pm

NTX Rain Chances11

SUNDAY 1pm to 7pm

NTX Rain Chances111


As always, a couple of degrees will make all the difference.  As mentioned above, I think temperatures will stay in the 33 to 37 degree range in the immediate DFW area Sunday.  So even a light wintry mix should mean minimal road impacts.  At least not many icy spots.  Wet roads always create their own issues.

The models have been fairly consistent the past few days keeping temperatures in the 33 to 37 degree range on Sunday.  But a subtle change to a colder forecast could mean greater impact for the area.  Please stay up to date on the forecast here on and CBS 11 NEWS.


I want to show you specific time frames for Sunday on our CBS 11 High Resolution Forecast Model.  The pink is the mixed precipitation (sleet/rain/snow) and the blue is mainly all snow.


8am The Latest on Sunday Winter Weather Potential


11am The Latest on Sunday Winter Weather Potential


3pm The Latest on Sunday Winter Weather Potential


6pm The Latest on Sunday Winter Weather Potential


8pm The Latest on Sunday Winter Weather Potential

MONDAY 7AM – I show this map because in areas north and northwest of DFW, any water on the roads will freeze creating icy spots for Monday morning commute.

7am mon

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