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Some columns will have a complex hypothesis that takes paragraphs and paragraphs to determine.

This won’t be one of those blogs as my hypothesis is simple: the 2013 Seattle Seahawks are essentially the same as the 1992 Dallas Cowboys.

The reasons for that, however, range from the simple to the complex to the downright strange.

Feel free to listen to the handy podcast embedded in this blog – or listen while you scan the blog, kind of like a read-along experience, except of course the words will be totally different and Cory is on the podcast too … so I guess they aren’t really that similar at all.

But the ’92 Cowboys and ’13 Seahawks are.

Let’s start with the simple reasons why.

Seattle and Dallas went 13-3 in the regular season, won their divisions, earned first-round playoff byes and then won three straight games to capture the Super Bowl and finish at 16-3. Both teams had similar scores over the regular season with the Cowboys winning games by an average of 25.5-15 and the Seahawks triumphing by an average mark of 26-14.5. Both teams posted the No. 1 defense in the NFL during the regular season and both defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship. And both squads won their respective Super Bowls by 35 points.

By this point, maybe you’re convinced, but maybe you aren’t – so let’s move to the more complex similarities.

The ’13 Seahawks had an average roster age of 26.4 while the ’92 Cowboys were 27.0. I know the reigning Super Bowl Champions aren’t exactly hailed as an offensive juggernaut, but let’s say they have triplets. In that case it would be quarterback Russell Wilson, running back Marshawn Lynch and take your pick of wide receiver Percy Harvin or Golden Tate. Either way, that trio has a combined age of 77. The Cowboys’ storied triumvirate of Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin were a combined 75 at the time of their first Super Bowl win.

What about the other side of the ball?

Seattle’s best defensive player was cornerback Richard Sherman, who is 25. Compare that with Dallas linebacker Ken Norton (yes, yes, I’m aware of Charles Haley … but I felt Norton was more vital in 1992) who was 26. That’s the same Norton who is currently the linebackers coach of the … wait for it … Seahawks! Even the Super Bowl MVPs (Aikman, 26; Malcolm Smith, 24) were of similar ages.

Surely you are on board with my hypothesis by now, but if you aren’t, then let’s move to the straight up weird ways in which these teams are similar.

There are only three coaches in the history of football to win an NCAA National Championship and a Super Bowl. Let’s throw out Barry Switzer … sorry buddy, I’m sure your wine is awesome … and the other coaches headed up the ’92 Cowboys (Jimmy Johnson) and ’13 Seahawks (Pete Carroll). And oh by the way, both won the Super Bowl in their fourth season with their respective teams. And just to add to the strange factor, Carroll was born in 1951 and the Cowboys scored 52 points in the Super Bowl, while Johnson was born in 1943 and the Seahawks scored 43 points in the Super Bowl!

Still need more … don’t worry, I’ve saved the best for last.

When factoring in all 19 games (regular season and playoffs), each team played – Seattle outscored opponents by 235 points while Dallas outscored its foes by … you guessed it, 235 points!

Alright, I can’t help throwing in one more weird similarity.

The halftime show for Super Bowl 48 was performed by Bruno Mars while the halftime performer for Super Bowl 27 was Michael Jackson. Obviously, there are plenty of similarities between those singers … and why shouldn’t there be, I mean, practically everything else between the ’92 Cowboys and ’13 Seahawks is the same.

And that should be a terrifying thought, not just to the rest of the NFC, but the NFL.

Because these similarities mean Seattle might just have won the first of four straight Super Bowls. Unless of course the egos of the Seahawks’ head coach and general manager get in the way and mess up the possibility of historical dominance, but that would never happen … right Cowboys’ fans … right?!

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