DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – State district Judge Carlos Raul Cortez told CBS 11 News that dirty political tricks were behind his arrest for felony assault following a domestic disturbance with his girlfriend in December 2013.

“I’ve been waiting 2 months to speak the truth about this,” said Cortez.

A Dallas County grand jury decided not to indict the 44th civil district court judge Thursday. Cortez, who said he feels vindicated, faces a primary vote in less than two weeks. But the 44-year-old judge also said he feels victimized.

“I know politically I’ve taken a huge hit,” said Cortez. He has remained silent publicly since he was arrested at his uptown condo. Cortez’s girlfriend at the time claimed he choked her and pushed her to the railing of the balcony on the 20th floor. But he claimed he was trying to stop her from jumping. “Her intoxicated state became more apparent and led her to becoming this other person in this state and she tried to kill herself,” said Cortez about his 26-year-old ex-girlfriend.

An attorney for Cortez’s ex-girlfriend issued a statement after the grand jury decision that said she was disappointed.

“It is important for all abuse victims to stand up to their abusers, even at the risk of being told there is not enough evidence to prosecute,” said attorney Ted Steinke.

But the incident was caught on cameras inside the building, according to Cortez. The footage supports his side of the story, which police should have considered more carefully, according to Cortez’s attorney.

“I fear where I would be right now if the video wasn’t there,” said Cortez.

Cortez may have been cleared of the domestic violence charge but he’s only weeks away from the judgment of voters in the Democratic primary.

“I think unfortunately she was used by political operatives against me to take her story and use that against me,” said Cortez.

Cortez asked a judge to throw out an emergency protective order granted after the incident.

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