ADDISON (CBSDFW.COM) – A group that puts on anti-bullying programs for students across the country saw its mission put into jeopardy after thieves apparently stole a trailer filled with electronic gear either late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

The trailer for Teen Nation Tour was sitting in a Best Western parking lot located along Landmark Boulevard, close to the intersection of Belt Line Road and Inwood Road in Addison. The trailer was later recovered by Dallas police in the 9500 block of Lenel Place, but it was empty.

Kristina Lachaga with Teen Nation Tour said that, without the equipment, the group cannot continue performing for students. “We’re a free anti-bullying program that goes to schools, and we’re here to bring a great message to the kids,” Lachaga stated. “Now, we don’t have our equipment to go bring the message to them.”

Tessa Miller with Teen Nation Tour said that at least $10,000 worth of electronics was stolen, including high-priced microphones.

Teen Nation Tour has been in the Dallas area since February 17. The group visits schools to talk about bullying and play a concert that features young recording artists. Performances scheduled for Monday included Daniel Webster Elementary School and T.W. Browne Middle School in Dallas.

And, thankfully, the shows continued as planned. Freeman Audio stepped up and offered to replace everything that Teen Nation Tour had lost to the thieves. Daniel Webster Elementary School also let the the group borrow equipment, as well as band members who are traveling with Teen Nation Tour.

The group’s message is all about empowerment, standing together against bullying, and believing in dreams. The young performers in Teen Nation Tour said that they were now living that message of resilience, and they hoped to spread it to Dallas area students. “Once our artists got together, they said they wanted to do this. They wanted to continue even if they had to do it with no mics,” Miller stated on Monday. “They wanted to go and reach out to these kids. Nothing’s going to stop us. We’re here for the kids.”

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