105.3 THE FAN — Maybe I have too much faith in the Mavericks right now. You heard me jump out in front with a 7 game win streak prediction. Now the Mavs have won three straight games.

I know they have a long road in front of them if they want A) to win 7 straight B) to get the 5th or 6th seed in the West or C) to win a Championship. I just think this team is finally starting to click.

Jose Calderon is the key to all of this. Well, so is Devin Harris and Monta Ellis and…okay the list goes on.

Just look at each piece and what they are capable of if they play consistently.

Each one of these guys is playing similar roles to somebody else from the 2011 Championship team, and they’ve had less time to meld than Jason Kidd, J.J. Barrea, JET and Chandler.

Kidd was in his third season with Dirk. And JET had an established understanding of what the leader of the Mavericks expected of him. Chandler was a finishing and necessary touch.

But that season I think Dirk understood the importance and he stepped up every aspect of his game.

Recently Mark Cuban called out Dirk in the friendliest of ways possible, but also with a hint of “hey let’s go.”

He said the team needs more out of Dirk defensively, they need to see that urgency and energy that Carlisle expects from everybody else.

We’re so used to Dirk putting in his 21 and grabbing 7 and moving on that sometimes we, maybe even he, take it for granted.

But here this team is with an opportunity to stick it to everybody who said they can’t compete. Dirk is responsible for proving this team can.

Remember the coughing incident with Dywane Wade and Lebron James. Everybody on the airplane watched Dirk’s reaction when he saw it on his iPad. After, Dirk said don’t say anything, I’ll take care of it. AND HE DID.

While the Big German would love to hand over the keys to Ellis, this team still needs Dirk to show up and ask the opponent “who’s finishing second today.”

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