Ray Carpenter earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science based on his interest in the topic, but was not looking to apply to it a specific career. He worked as a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley and as a college football coach in California. Carpenter was looking to broaden his skills to give him a long-term fulfilling career. He wanted to understand more about corporate and investment finance so he moved to Texas and earned a Master’s of Business Administration from Texas Christian University (TCU) Neeley School of Business.

(Photo Courtesy of Ray Carpenter)

(Photo Courtesy of Ray Carpenter)

As the assistant vice president of marketing for emerging business markets at AT&T, he is responsible for setting price and developing strategic initiatives. He oversees five different teams comprised of 43 people in strategy, pricing, marketing communications, channel activation and predictive analytics.

How important was getting an M.B.A. for your career?

“It was necessary for me to get an M.B.A. to get to where I am today – career wise. What I took away the most from the experience, had to do with working in high performing teams and getting things done in a team environment. That kind of dynamic is really important in my career. The depth of knowledge in learning things in corporate and investment finance was invaluable. I was encouraged to get my chartered financial analyst (CFA) accreditation by my instructors. This helped to separate me from my peers. I love what I do. I work with people who really care about helping businesses succeed. I am able to help develop young leaders and that is a very rewarding part of my job,” said Carpenter.

What did you take away from your M.B.A. experience?

“The things that I took away from my M.B.A. experience includes working well in teams, a deeper and broader knowledge of certain skill sets and a hands-on approach to getting things done.”

What advice do you have for those considering an M.B.A. program?

“If you are going to get an M.B.A. to advance in career opportunities, know that it is a worthwhile investment. It isn’t a time to figure out what you want to do. You need to have a purpose. Working towards an M.B.A. is an invaluable experience.”

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