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Undulus Asperatus Clouds Over DFW

By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry
Undulus Asperatus (Credit: Larry Mowry)

Undulus Asperatus (Credit: Larry Mowry)

(credit: KTVT/KTXA) Larry Mowry
Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry can be seen weekdays on CBS 11 New...
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Did you see the really pretty clouds over North Texas this afternoon?  They looked like waves in the clouds.  This cloud type is called Undulus Asperatus.  It has just recently been recognized as an official cloud type in the past several years.

The clouds are generated by turbulence in the air that forces the air to undulate up and down over short distances creating wave-like features to the clouds.  They are most often seen in the Plains after a thunderstorm has passed.  Today, we had no thunderstorms, but the upper level winds were turbulent thanks to an upper level low passing overhead.