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ARLINGTON, Texas (105.3 THE FAN) – The energy at AT&T is like nothing I’ve ever experienced in the stadium. The fans are completely split, much like Texas-OU but with a different feel.

It’s my first and hopefully not my last NCAA title game and I’ve been roaming around trying to pickup on some things.

1. Even fans who got knocked out of the final four are still sticking around. Sure some Florida and Wisconsin fans sold off their tickets I’ve noticed a number of them still sporting their gear and others have combined their gear with teams the opponent of the team that eliminated their team.

2. The Kentucky cheerleaders over the UCONN cheerleaders, any day.

3. They showed Bush and Clinton in Jerry’s suite and this place went absolutely nuts. Then they slowly panned out to get Romo and quickly made sure Candice and Jason Witten were in the shot to get cheers.

4. Nancy Lieberman knows more about basketball than I’ll ever know. EVER! I’m trying to soak it up.

5. Everybody loves Julius Randle. This place exploded when he was announced.

6. Hootie is damn good. Every time the dude picks up a mic I’m impressed. “Let Her Be.”

7. Kentucky hasn’t has a lead at half time the entire tournament.

8. The security is BEEFED up tonight. And my boy Pig is down on the floor running things. He used to run security at a bar a ran on McKinney Avenue. We’ve never been safer.

9. Even without alcohol being served in this place, good clean fun is still available And alcohol can be found if you know where to look.

10. UCONN and Louisville have the most Finals appearances without a loss. 3. Duke  has been to 10 and lost 6. (Had to take a dig at Kevin)

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