By Scott Padgett

It is the time of the year that we normally have the potential for severe weather with a frontal passage or even with moisture in place and the sun billowing up the atmosphere. Today is one of those days to keep your eyes to the sky. There is a slight risk of severe storms today that does include the metroplex.

Severe Risk Day 2.1

A cold front is on the way to NTX and will pass through the metroplex around 8pm-10pm. Ahead of the front is a very moist airmass. Today temps will warm into the lower 80s and I’m forecasting some sunshine to peak through the clouds. You can feel the airmass is primed to release energy in the form of strong to severe storms with the arrival of the cold front.

Forecast 3 Panel_NOW_DAWN

Rain and storm chances increase to about 60% for late this afternoon and into the early evening hours. With the storms mainly the largest threat will be large Hail and damaging winds mainly East of I-35 but don’t confined to that strict line. The tornado threat is low today but still and isolated tornado or two can’t be ruled out.

Severe Weather Risk

After the frontal passage I don’t expect a big cool down but I do expect more sunshine in the forecast. We could see our first 90 degree day later this week with a few more days of rain potential.

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