Here at CBS 11, we are celebrating an office feature everyone loves to hate.

The cubical is 50 years old this year.

Even though most working Americans spend several hours a day in them, turns out a whopping 93 percent hate them.

Some big companies like Google and Facebook are phasing them out and moving toward more open work spaces.

We asked you to send you #cubeselfies to us, here are a few:


Some North Texas students have put a new twist on synchronized swimming.

A group of 5th graders from Porter Elementary choreographed an “air synchronized swimming routine” and showed off their talents at the school talent show.

Thanks to teacher Margaret Hutto for sending us this video.


Hockey fever is high in Dallas and across the country for the playoffs.

A young Pittsburgh Penguins fan can hardly contain his excitement for the game.

Video posted on YouTube of two-year-old Ty Avolia reacting to his Penguins scoring a goal has gone viral.

He’s been nicknamed the “Buckle up baby,” which was coined as a motivational phrase for the team all season.

His parents say they tried to buy him baseball stuff — but he’s all Hockey.

The penguins are rewarding their mini mega-fan with free tickets to this Saturday’s game.