By Scott Padgett

Good Sunday Morning. The radar out west has been pretty inactive most of the morning. At 5AM I started to notice a few storms develop north of Wichita Falls and move NE. There is a strong CAP in place and the dry line is still well to the west of NTX. Take a look at the dewpoint measurements during the past 3 hours.

NTX Dew Point 3AM NTX Dewpoint 4am NTX Dew Point 5A

North Texas still has dewpoints in the mid 60s to low 70s in some spots. The original thinking was that the dryline would surge east of a cold fron that is on the way to NTX today however the latest measure ments have show that the dryline is still in West Texas with the cold front on it’s heels.

TxWide Dewpoint

TxWide Temps and Dryline

All indications are that the cold front will overtake the dryline as it moves east and makes it into the west sides of NTX between 6-8 this AM and continue to move east through the AM into the afternoon. Does this mean we won’t see any storms this AM inNTX. . . No. Along the front there is still the potential to see some storms develop with the main concern being large hail and damaging winds.

Sunday Storm Breakdown

The afternoon setup looks to still be of a concern but with the cold front overtaking the dryline there will be parts of NTX that will see a hot and windy day while other parts see the potential of strong to severe storms.

The Cold front will be near the east sides of the Metroplex into the afternoon hours with the storm potential east of the front. Isolated strong to severe storms are possible with the main threats being Large Hail and damaging winds. The tornado threat is low but you can’t rule out the potential of an isolated torndado.

Sunday Storm Breakdown Update 2

West of the front will be windy and warm to hot. Temps will warm into the upper 80s to 90s with plenty of sunshine on the way. Winds will shift to the SW to West and be sustained to near 20mph-30mph. There is a Wind Advisory in effect from 10AM until 7pm due to the strong winds behind the front.

Wind Advisory

The CBS11 Meteorologist team is monitoring the weather around the clock today to keep you and your family safe. Stay with the storm team blog, social media and CBS11 for all of your updates.

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