DUNCANVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – Food fights in a high school cafeteria may not be new, but a confrontation Wednesday between students and administrators got seriously out of hand. It all started with 150 kids at Duncanville High School being suspended. That mass suspension led to an epic meltdown.

School administrators suspended the students because they were not following the district’s dress code. Those 150 kids were sent to the cafeteria and that is where the situation got tense.

Many of the students began protesting the suspension. One kid threw a trash can across the cafeteria. Other students were throwing bottles. The school had to call in additional police officers as a precaution. Moments of chaos were shared on social media websites like Instagram.

According to school administrators, there was a crackdown on dress code violations. These 150 students who were being held in the cafeteria for the day were all found not in compliance with that dress code. The suspensions were just for the one day.

“They told me I had to go home because I had chin hair,” said student Chase Baker.

“I had got suspended for having no ID badge and belt,” added honor roll student Yvashti Cooks. “It was really pointless and unnecessary. Pants are not falling. I don’t understand what my belt and ID badge have to do with getting my education.”

Despite the chaos that broke out on Wednesday, administrators defended their actions. “It’s not the first time we’ve done it,” stated Duncanville High School principal Andre Smith. “We’ve done it throughout the school year. We’ve done it periodically. And the dress code has been around all year, actually for a number of years now.”

The dress code requires long pants, collared shirts, belts and ID badges.

Some students arrived for class on Thursday with plans to be more cooperative. “Ain’t got no choice unless we are going to get kicked out again,” said Baker. “I need to go to class so I can get my grades and graduate.”

But other kids said that they are ready to battle with school administrators again until the restrictions are loosened — and they definitely dressed the part. Students said that a petition has been started to get Duncanville High School officials to change the current dress code. If that does not happen, some young people are prepared to walk out of class or cause another major disruption.

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