DENTON (CBS 11 NEWS) – A California hot sauce is getting a fiery reaction in Denton. On Monday, Denton City Councilman Kevin Roden led a delegation on a tour at Sriracha’s plant in southern California.

The group is trying to convince the CEO of Huy Fong Foods to expand his hot sauce factory to North Texas

Sriracha is the magic word in Denton. It seems that’s all anyone is talking about.

Moving a big business to the city would mean more business for a lot of local shops.

Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor is known for it’s unique flavors.

Manager Margaret Rich explained, “There are some ice creams out here that were accidentally made, and people loved them and they stay out there. I have to go back into my kitchen and remember how I accidently made that ice cream.”

Rich is now eyeing making a sriracha flavored ice cream. “I think it would be a little spicy and a little sweet.”

That’s her promise and contribution if the California-based company comes to Denton. “Anything that we can do to bring communities to Denton, people to Denton, to make ourselves grow is what we are actually looking for,” she said.

Denton leaders toured the company and are hoping to convince the makers of sriracha to relocate or expand their business to an area near the Interstate-35 east-west split. The deal could be worth millions and mean more jobs.

Talking up his city and what it has to offer councilman Roden said, “The one thing I’ve noticed, after touring Irwindale, compared to what I have in Denton is we have a wide open industrial area that we specifically zoned far away from homes and neighborhoods, so any issues relating to smells and nuisances, we’ve zoned that out of existence. So, we don’t think we are going to have any issues.”

Resident Rachel Eaton is in favor of the hot sauce plant. “It would be very interesting to have them closer, to bring business to Denton.” When asked about a sriracha-flavored ice cream she said, “I would try it. I don’t know if I would love it, but I would try it.”

Denton resident Prentice Barnett said he would only sample the flavor under the proper conditions. “If it’s not too hot,” he said laughing. “I would want to survive the taste of it.”

City leaders are expected back in North Texas on Wednesday. They told CBS 11 News the hot sauce company could expand in about three years because of its popularity. And they just want to make sure everyone in Denton is ready.

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