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DALLAS, Texas (105.3 THE FAN) – It’s time for us to re-institute the push for the NBA NIT.

Adam Silver says economists come to them after they sift through the bylaws and constitution of the NBA and it’s CBA and they all say the motivation for the No. 1 pick in the draft is too high.

Any team is willing to tank a season in order to begin its rebuilding process.

A lot of “FANS” don’t want to let their team rebuild.

They don’t want to sit through a monotonous season of mediocrity or terribleness mostly, if you’re a Mavs fan, because they don’t want their team to always be terrible.

You can’t guarantee if you get a top 3 spot in the draft that you will rise from the ashes you left behind the previous season. Just look at the Bobcats.

It’s a wasted year, it’s a lost shot at catching lightening in a bottle, an opportunity missed if your mindset is to lose.

On the other side is a group who thinks realistic and by the numbers. If we do this then good things are likely to happen next year. That’s called an if-then statement in the Science world.

Mavs fans don’t want to do that so Mavs are in that in between stage, which can be a tough spot.

Here we are year in year out begging for a name to say “You know what I love what Cubes is doing in Dallas and I want to play for him rather than extra cash.”
But it’s not happening.

So we say NBA, consider the NBA NIT.

It’s a tournament that forces the worst teams in the NBA to play for the top spot in the NBA draft.

Yes, the teams that don’t make it to the top 16 and chase for an NBA championship are slotted for the NBA NIT.

The No. 9 team in the East and West host home playoffs.

And the winner of the NBA NIT gets the No. 1 pick, then everybody else falls into place.

Yeah mediocre teams can end up with the No. 1 pick. Even better, you don’t get the pathetic crap of an effort the like the Sixers gave this past season. I just think the competition level will be higher and we at The K&C Masterpiece think the NBA should at least kick the idea around. It wouldn’t hurt to get a little more cash out of the extra tournament, plus those teams that are looking to restock and rebuild can get draft picks.

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