FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Police in Fort Worth have arrested a man in connection with the ‘doggy door’ break-in at the Ryan Place neighborhood on the city’s south side. The crime happened at a home earlier this month, while the family was out at church.

Surveillance video showed a burglar peeking through a backdoor window. Moments later, he walked up to the door and ducked down. That man was then seen inside of the residence taking the family’s belongings. Authorities believe that the man got into the home by crawling through the doggy door.

After going back and forth inside, the man realized that there was a security camera in place. He snatched that up, too.

The same thing happened to neighbor Rob Dilling last month. His doggy door was boarded up, but the thief took out the screws and went inside anyway. “Probably the same person or people,” Dilling surmised. “They had been in our house — in our children’s rooms — not good with that.”

Dilling may have been correct in his guess. Authorities are not releasing the suspect’s name or showing his photograph because they believe that he could be responsible for many break-ins across Fort Worth. All they have said is that he is approximately 20 years old. Police do not know if the suspect had any accomplices.

However, law enforcement officials have released some details about the man’s arrest. He was taken into custody on Tuesday. Police executed an arrest warrant and the suspect began to run from officers. There was a short foot chase before the man was nabbed.

That suspect has been charged with burglary of a habitation.

Many homes in the Ryan Place neighborhood have started boarding up their doggy doors and installing security cameras. “Losing some items is one thing, but your sense of security, that someone has come in and broken in,” Dilling added. “That’s something that we don’t take too lightly.”

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