FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Superintendent Walter Dansby will walk away from Fort Worth ISD with nearly $900,000 in salary and benefits after his resignation takes effect in January 2015.

The large sum of money will come from the district’s general fund, which is taxpayer money.

Some critics and community leaders are wondering how else could that money have been spent?

“Instead of using those kind of funds for these kind of programs, you would much rather send those dollars out the door with no more return. That is fiscally irresponsible,” said community activist Kyev Tatum.

Dansby’s payout is enough money to hire 21 new teachers and pay them around 42-thousand dollars each for one year.

It could build 16 portable buildings, at a cost of more than $55,000 each.

It would also pay for nearly $400,000 school lunches, at $2.25 cents a pop. That’s enough to buy a lunch for every student in the district for a week.

The payout could fund nearly 14,000 textbooks, more than 2500 laptops, and nearly 1500 iPads.

Tatum is just one of many voices who want Dansby to keep working and are questioning why he is no longer superintendent.

“Morally, we have a concern that you will put this amount of money out the door with a man that is very capable and able of doing the job,” said Tatum.

CBS 11 has tried repeatedly to talk to Dansby and FWISD school board members about his resignation and what’s next for the district. No one is willing to comment.

Sources say an interim superintendent could be named next week.

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