WestJet is at it again!

The airline’s latest goodwill gesture is sure to melt your heart.

In its latest viral video, a WestJet employee trained as a city transit worker to give Marc Grimard a week off work.

It was a total surprise to Grimard, who lives 300 miles away from his wife and youngest son, who is being treated for a heart condition.

WestJet flew Grimard and his older son to see him.

The video was made in partnership with the Ronald McDonald house in Alberta, where Joel Grimard is living with his mother, while he’s receiving treatment.

About six months ago, WestJet surprised some of its passengers with their Christmas wish lists, delivering the presents through baggage claim.

That video was watched nearly 40 million times.


YouTube video of a simple science experiment is giving people a new look at a popular drink.

It’s racked up nearly three million views in one day, which is pretty surprising when you consider its just video of liquid boiling.

In this case it’s a bottle of coke, according to this guy who goes by the name “crazy Russian hacker.”

He shows what’s left when all the water boils away — a very thick black paste.

He tells watchers next time you want to drink soda, you should think about this video.


A high school principal gets credit for keeping his cool during a very loud senior prank.

Some California seniors gave their principal a musical gift he won’t soon forget.

They hired a mariachi band to follow behind John Becchio for a full hour.

He kept a smile on his face as he walked through the hallways while the four musicians trailed him.

The Santa Barbara school district posted the video to YouTube and said both the students and staff enjoyed the prank.