By Jeff Ray

Here are temperatures at 2pm across north Texas:

NTX Temp Plot

It’s breezy out there; we’ve had wind gusts hit 30-mph. That’s help with the heat/humidity combination. The “feel-like” temperature at DFW at 2pm is 96°.

We’ll watch a few storms pop-up along the dryline far to our west. Some of these cells could move into our western counties (Young, Eastland, Comanche) by early evening but the chances are low.


Otherwise expect these winds to stay up until we get about an hour into dark. Sunset is at 8:38pm.

Half Page 3 Panel

Next Saturday it’ll set at 8:40pm on the longest day of the year on the Summer Solstice. For the rest of the summer after next weekend and the next 189 days (to the Winter Solstice)  the days will start getting shorter again. Next Saturday we’ll have 14 hours and 20 minutes of daytime. By the last week of December we’ll have about 10 hours of daylight.

Join us at CBS11 at 5:30p for the full forecast. Hope you are having a great Father’s Day!

-Jeff Ray