World Cup captured Americans’ attention and dominated social media last night.

Here’s a look at how Twitter literally exploded after last night’s game winning goal.

From sea to shining sea, Americans were posting their pride and reactions online.

This is look at the slow motion reaction of a Kansas City crowd celebrating Team USA’s win.

Delta tried to get in the celebration on Twitter sending out this picture — signifying America’s 2-1 win over Ghana. But there’s just one problem with the picture they used to depict Ghana, giraffes are NOT native to that country.

via Twitter

via Twitter

It only got worse when the airline tried to apologize sending out this tweet.

via Twitter

via Twitter

They fixed it later to say “previous tweet.”


When bad weather rolled through West Virginia uprooting a tree and trapping a little girl’s dad and two of his friends, she thought quickly.

10-year-old Brianna Vance could not use a cell phone to dial 911 because of the weather, so she posted a message on Facebook.

“My dad’s almost dead. He needs an ambulance please. Please call one for us if you have signal,” she pleaded.

Brianna’s grandma lives down the street and was able to dial 911.

Firefighters responded to free the men — and rushed them to the hospital.

Brianna’s dad has a broken collarbone and five broken ribs, but all of them are expected to be OK.