105.3 THE FAN — Dirk Nowitzki is king of the hoops world in DFW, but with his Heroes Foundation charity baseball game taking place Saturday at Frisco’s Dr. Pepper Ballpark, he is not necessarily in his sporting element.

On The K&C Masterpiece, our producer Colby Sapp hollers “Shots Fired!!!” anytime somebody takes a dig — and he knows exactly when to do it.

During the G-Bag Nation, live from the practice setup for the game, Dirk talked to the media and proved that he might be the king of shots fired.

Right out of the gate, he took a quick shot at media members who don’t believe he is still capable of playing the game he’s mastered on a nightly basis.

When the media asked how he was doing after his birthday, he joked that going hard nightly is more difficult now.

“I can’t do back to back nights anymore since I’m close to 40,” Nowitzki said. “But I got this sweet karaoke machine at my house too.”

Essentially a joke about himself, but a jab at those who believe Dirk’s skillset is diminishing.

Later he was asked why Mavs owner Mark Cuban wasn’t at the event.

“I think he’s doing Shark Tank,” Dirk said. “He missed free agency a couple years ago with Shark Tank and this year he’s missing the big ball game.”

Brilliant shots fired right there.

Now Dirk hasn’t officially won either of the first two Heroes games since taking over for Mike Modano. Charles Barkley was at the first one, and this year’s cast is littered with DFW athletes like Dez Bryant, Monta Ellis, Tyler Seguin, Tony Romo and Michael Young.

But he says he’s hopeful to win this year, despite his limited slugging abilities.

“I watch the sport on TV and I thought it’s easy. I’ll just smash one,” Dirk said. “I think the furthest I’ve made it is out of the infield. I think I’ll lead off this year, try to bunt or walk on and just let Michael Young smash me in. That’ll be my dream.”

Taking shots at himself or at others, Dirk reigns supreme when it comes to firing away.

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