By Scott Padgett

Happy Wednesday. So this AM we have seen some scattered rain and isolated storms move through parts of NTX and the metroplex. This is unusual for this late in June to have a number of days of rain in the forecast. Normall we have a high pressure parked near the Souther Plains during the summer that keeps us dry and hot.

TX SatRad Master11

However that isn’t the case this week. There are two areas of high pressure that are split and we have a series of areas of energy or waves working their way West to East.

TX SatRad Master112

But by the beginning of next week the high pressure takes over and we get hot.

TX SatRad Master113

Before that thought we will see enough daytime heating today and tomorrow combined with these short waves working through the atmosphere to see the potential of showers and storms.

Here is the breakdown of the rain chance today.

NTX Rain Chances

So, rain remains in the forecast through the end of the week and into the beginning of the weekend.

Extended AM