The past 7 days have seen rain somewhere in North Texas.  And as we have experienced the past several days, torrential rain and flooding have created problems.  But has all this rain had an impact on our lakes?  A handful of lakes really saw a huge increase.  But many only increased a few inches.  Some even went down a few inches.

Here is the complete list of every North Texas lake I could find.

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The four columns labeled “1 week ago”, “7am Wed”, “8pm Wed”  and “2pm Thu” represent the level of the lake at that time.  The level of the lake is defined as the level of the water above sea level.  For instance, Lake Weatherford measurement at 2pm came in at 888.92 feet.  That is the current lake stage.  It does not mean the lake is 888.92 feet deep.  But the most accurate way to measure the level of the lake is to take it to sea level.


Here are the top lake gainers today!



Here are the top lake gainers over the past 7 days.



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