By Jeff Ray

This afternoon highs got into the mid-90’s; the hottest day we’ve had at DFW in the last week. It was also very humid; dewpoints at 3pm were in the low 70’s. This produced a triple-digit heat index across the late afternoon. Below is the “feel-like” at 4pm across north Texas:

NTX Heat Index Plot

The official high at DFW was 94, a typical high for this time of year. The morning low was 79°- that tied a record for the highest minimum for this date (the last time it happened: 2012) and made for the warmest morning so far this year.

Almanac PM

Tomorrow is the last day of June. It is also the day we typically get our first 100° day of the year. We have had no triple-digit highs this June, the first time that’s happened in seven years. In 2007 we didn’t get our FIRST 100° day of the year until August 17th. If we could only get that lucky again. (spoiler alert: judging by the weather pattern it looks like we might get our first one on Monday or Tuesday after the July 4th holiday):

Nov Cold Facts2

It is also worth nothing that back in June of 2007 DFW logged over 11″ of rain that month, more than all the rain DFW has gotten so far this year.

We expect the last day of June to have an “above-normal” high but stay out of the triple-digits. Expect lots of sunshine, humid conditions and another windy day:

NTX Tomorrows Highs

We change months on Tuesday but we won’t change weather. July 1st looks a whole lot like June 30th: hot and dry. The wind won’t be as gusty but it’ll be steady out of the south:

NTX Tomorrow Highs1

We are getting into the hot season, July and August are the warmest months of the year. Not including tomorrow the average high for June has been 91°. That’s low in comparison to the July/August “typical”:

Avg Daily Highs Summer

Rain chances disappear for a couple of days. They show back on Wednesday and Thursday asa  cold front stalls along the Red River and moves overhead on Thursday as a stationary front:

TX FutureCast TX FutureCast2

In the extended below you can see how this produces the best rain chances of the week ahead:

Extended PM

We’ll end June with below-normal rainfall again, that makes six months in a row. Lets hope for rain as we start July.

It appears the first tropical storm of the season is going to form off the eastern coast of Florida as we start July. It’ll move up the east coast. It looks like a wash-out on the 4th for the North Carolina coast. The storm should then move out into the Atlantic for the holiday weekend and leave the east coast dry for Saturday and Sunday.

Tropical Storm Arthur Tropical Storm Arthur2 Tropical Storm Arthur3

Because of the rain and clouds over the last week here in north Texas we kept the worst of the summer heat at bay so far. Just compare this week with the same week back in 1980.

Temperatre Compare

That last week in June we established the record highs for these dates. Those pair of 113° degree days are the hottest days in the 115-year record.  In fact there is still in the record books 11 days in row from 1980 that are record highs for the date (6/23 – 7/03). This is about twice the number of any other streak in the warm season (5 in a row in Aug. 2011 and 6 in a row in Aug/Sept of 2000) and tells the story in numbers just how brutal that summer of 1980 was.

Join Scott Padgett tomorrow morning for the latest in the forecast as we count down to the Fourth of July celebrations: