by CBS11 Meteorologist Jeff JamisonBy Jeff Jamison

We end the month at DFW without hitting 100°.  The last time that happened was in June 2007.  In fact, the highest temperature at DFW so far this summer has been 96°.

Nov Cold Facts2


Actually 55% of DFW Junes do not see 100° weather.  On average there’s only  one 100° day expected during the month of June.  The average first date to see 100° temps is today’s date:  June 30.  July usually has 6 100° days on average.

100 Degree Days by Month


The month of June ends with slightly above normal temperatures (thanks to above normal low temps) and drier-than-average.  Even with all that rain last week across pockets of North Texas, it still ended up dry at DFW for June.  This is the six month in a row with below normal precipitation.


~Jeff J.