By Jeff Ray

A nice rain moved across the Red River and moved over Cooke, Collin and Hunt Counties before moving east of the metroplex. Had some brief heavy rain and some lighting with it but no severe weather:


As the morning goes on we’ll be watching a line of storms fill in across Wichita Falls over into Cooke Co. This is the radar from about 7am:


This activity will continue across the morning bringing rain chances over our western half:

NTX Rain Chances

Later today a stationary front will help trigger more thunderstorm activity. The front is forecast to be south and southwest of the metroplex. This T’Storm activity will peak during the late afternoon and start to diminish as we get later in the evening:

NTX Rain Chances11

Don’t change your firework plans for tonight. Kaboom in Addison carries a small chance of early evening storms but mostly a nice summer evening in store for us:


For the Fourth tomorrow we do have storm chances in the forecast. Almost all of this activity will be driven by daytime heating so expect them to crop up during the afternoon and die out during the early evening.

NTX Rain Chances111

Expect the typical summer heat for the weekend and week ahead. It is July after all… yet no 100° days in the extended. We’ve yet to hit a triple-digit high at DFW this summer. Combine this fact with the recent rains that started up at the end of June it is a nice start to summer.

Extended AM

Not so nice of a Fourth for the North Carolina Outer Banks. Earlier this morning the first Tropical Storm of the season become the first Hurricane of the season. Arthur is a Category One Hurricane with 75-mph winds and will move right over the Outer Banks before out to sea:

Tropical Tracker Scene Master Tropical Tracker Scene Master2

The North Carolina beaches will take the burnt of Arthur. Good news for the east coast and holiday weekend; Arthur pulls off to the northeast quickly and keep the winds (and heavy rains) away from the northeast megalopolis (the urban core that runs from Washington, DC to Boston that is home to around 50 million people).

Tomorrow morning Cape Hatteras will be getting whipped by hurricane force winds as the eye of Arthur and the eye-wall moves right overhead:

Tropical Tracker Scene Wind

Larry Mowry is live from the Mesquite Rodeo this afternoon. Join us then!

-Jeff Ray