FORTH WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Many Arlington Heights residents have been on pins and needles as much of North Texas has been on flood watch since Wednesday night. The Fort Worth neighborhood has a nasty tendency to flood. It was built over a creek in the early 1900’s before the area grew into what it is today. Now, runoff from construction pours through the heart if the neighborhood.

“Its been doing it, I know, since ’65,” said Vernon Hollingshead who’s lived in the area for almost 50 years. “And they say we’ll fix it, we’ll do this, we’ll work up on there. It don’t do nothing. The next time we get a big rain its going to do the same thing.”

The owners of several homes stacked sand bags at their doors. A handful of the homes are still vacant, still under repair after the last flood in June.

Vacant 1

Celia De La Cruz still has a broken fence. Floodwater pushed a car into the gate, breaking it and releasing the water into her yard. Its an image that haunts De La Cruz.

“Oh yeah its been real stressful,” De La Cruz said as she pointed across her backyard in the direction the flood water flows. “I think it was almost 3 feet of water. It was like a river flowing in that direction. It doesn’t go into my house because my house sits up high.”

When most of us hear possible flash floods in the forecast we think about taking an umbrella to work. Not De La Cruz.

“Oh my goodness! I thought I’m not going to go to sleep. What can I do?” De La Cruz said. “I thought maybe those cinder blocks, I could stick those up there. I thought no, that’s not going to do. You might as well forget about it, you know?”

How does De La Cruz handle the stress?

“You don’t. You pray. That’s about all you can do.”

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