By Jeff Ray

There are We had an incredible amount of rain fall on the western edge of Ray Roberts Lake. The National Weather Service (NWS) in Fort Worth reported 10.67″ of rain just south of Valley View.  Our Weather Watcher reports are below. The color contours are from the National Service radar:

WWN Rainfall Special

Clear Creek in Sanger went from 5.5ft yesterday to a forecasted crest of 26ft this afternoon. At 9am this morning it was already near 25ft:

Flood Warning - DFW Rivers

The heaviest rain fell just on the west side of Ray Roberts Lake. The latest report shows the Lake up almost a foot-an-a-half:
Lewisville Lake

As of 1pm the DFW Airport had reported .58″ of rain with more coming in. Temperatures were only in the 60’s:

NTX Temp Plot

I’d say that daytime temperatures like this are extremely rare in July if not for the fact that it happened on almost the exact same date last year. On July 15th it was only 74° for a high; the coldest July day since 1945.

We have FLOOD ADVISORY out for Tarrant and Denton Counties until 2:15pm. Most of the heavier rain has moved to the east. We are expecting more tonight. Jeff Jamison will update you on CBS11 News at 4. Join us!