When one decides to start a new business venture, one looks at their current skill set and assesses what they would need to succeed. Marsha Chism wanted to start a grief recovery company and believed that in order for people to take her seriously in her new venture, she needed a master’s degree.

Chism already had a diverse background from working in the television industry and in the philanthropy sector. But she sought an education that would provide her with a strong basis to help her clients.

(Photo Courtesy of Marsha Chism)

(Photo Courtesy of Marsha Chism)

Chism earned her master’s degree in Business Management with an emphasis in problem solving from the University of Phoenix.

“Working on my master’s taught me how to develop my business plan and to solve problems,” said Chism.

Even though Chism sought her advanced degree to launch a new career, she found it useful in her current and past positions in television and in philanthropy.

“Grief is something everybody experiences, but not something that everybody knows how to handle. I want to be able to help the community understand grief,” said Chism, who is hoping to start AMK Grief Recovery Care Center in the future.

When it comes to returning to school and working full-time, Chism had this advice, “Stay focused, have a plan and execute it. You need the knowledge to get ahead. People will tend to respect your opinion when they see that you have the education to back up what you are saying.”

Chism is currently pursuing a doctorate in Organizational Behavior and Leadership from the University of Phoenix.

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