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DALLAS, Texas (105.3 THE FAN) – My cup is filled with it.  My buddies all have beer fridges full of it. Heck, I’m sure at my friend’s birthday party last week we were cracking cold cans of Cowboy Blue Kool-Aid.

I’m bought in on Jason Garrett.

I understand his deficiencies and I also give him the curve. The same curve that Jerry Jones seems to give him.

Garrett came to the Cowboys as a seed and Jerry wants the benefit of the fruits that come from his patience.

Jerry told us last year, after the Cowboys season was ended by the Eagles, that he has always looked at Garrett differently. That he had invested a lot in him and that he didn’t want Garrett to be “successful on somebody else’s dime.”

Even though everybody was calling for Garrett’s head or Tony’s head…Jerry calmly said NOT YET. From that point on I have looked at Garrett differently.

He is a project, a friend and somebody I think Jerry trusts to grow and mature.

With that respect, I think I like some of the things Garrett has done that we haven’t yet seen turn on the field, but I’m hopeful we will this year.

He’s established a pretty solid understanding of what is expected of the players. In talking to a number of players this offseason, they see competition at it’s peak this year. A ton of spots are open and there is not much entitlement remaining on the roster. Save for maybe the QB and TE positions.

Garrett has a pretty good offensive line in front of him. Granted you can probably credit Will McClay with that since he has his hands all over the draft now.

I know the Cowboys have gone to the O-line well maybe too often in the first round, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard a quarterback, coach or fan say “They have too much talent on the offensive line,” or “Man there’s too much protection there,” or “Those running lanes are too big.”
The investment on the offensive line is one that can help the Cowboys control games if managed properly.

Now, that’s a place where some might believe Garrett has had his undoing. I don’t disagree. He’s had terrible moments that were at big times, much like his QB.

Some of those moments could be credited with costing the team a playoff bid, forcing another 8-8 season and not living up to expectations.

Garrett is young, in coaching years and I think he still has some maturation, but I like the patience of Jerry. I like how they are allowing him to learn from his mistakes. He’s a first time coach, maybe the expectations shouldn’t have been so high in the first place.

Oh wait, this is Dallas.

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