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Even though the HEAT ADVISORY was dropped yesterday, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to be hot today or this weekend.  Heat index readings will fall just shy of 105°, which is the HEAT ADVISORY criteria.  But the feels like numbers today thru Sunday will approach 100-103°.

NTX Todays Highs


There is another OZONE ACTION DAY for Friday as the ground level amounts of ozone pollution gets to unhealthy levels for folks that have existing respiratory issues.  You may want to limit the amount of time you spent outdoors this afternoon, under that familiar hazy sky.  Also it may be a good opportunity to car pool or try public transit.

KTVT Street Level


Hope you can find a refreshing pool or lake to jump into this weekend…otherwise some air conditioned indoor activities may fit the bill.

Weekend Forecast 2D


Now, let’s talk about those changes for next week.  Still expecting a cold front to arrive Monday to bring a slight rain chance, but a stronger surge of cooler air will arrive by Wednesday.  The rain chances will also go up too!  The best of both worlds.

TX SatRad Master11a


As we see the dip in the jet stream and the cold front move past North Texas, we will have much cooler temperatures again next week.  Highs in the 80s for three days in a row!  If we can more clouds and rain, it may be even cooler than this!



In the meantime, take it easy outside the next few days.  But as has been the case so far this summer, the big time heat doesn’t want to stick around for very long, and that’s ok by me.

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