As a young child, Deborah Stabell-Tran was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease, an inflammatory disease of the coronary arteries. This planted the seed for her to consider the world of medicine. Later on, having a brain tumor removed as a teenager inspired Stabell-Tran to pursue a career in nursing.

(Photo Courtesy of Deborah Stabell-Tran)

(Photo Courtesy of Deborah Stabell-Tran)

She earned an associate’s and then a Bachelor’s of Science degree with an emphasis in nursing.

Having strong mentors in the nursing field, Stabell-Tran decided to pursue a master’s degree and earned one in science with a focus in nursing education from Texas Woman’s University (TWU).

Stabell-Tran is now a clinical education specialist for Cardiology Services at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas Hospital. She teaches hospital staff new medical procedures and helps them keep up-to-date on regulatory competencies as well as coordinating outside professional educational events.

When it comes to pursuing an education, Stabell-Tran shares this advice: “Start slow, you can take breaks; school will always be there. Make sure you pick a school that has good advisors that work to build relationships with its students. School is a big investment in your life, money and time. You want to get the most of out if.”

Life can be challenging. Stabell-Tran overcame health struggles as a child, having children, getting a divorce and getting remarried, but continued to pursue her education. She took a semester-long break when each of her three children were born.

Making sure that she had a strong support system was vital to her success. She is currently reviewing doctoral programs.

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