Rain chances remain in the forecast Wednesday and Thursday.  But DFW is not in the area where the heaviest rain will fall.  Some areas around DFW may miss out on the rain completely.

Here is a look at rain chances.


Showers and a few isolated thunderstorms will be possible mainly along the Red River Wednesday morning into the afternoon.  There could be some rain that makes it as far south as Dallas and Fort Worth, but the favored area of rain will be from Denton and McKinney northward.

NTX Rain Chances11



Heavy rain will be located across Oklahoma.  There will also be some rain along the Red River Wednesday night.  DFW may see a few showers, but the bulk of the rain will stay north.

NTX Rain Chances111



A cold front will reach DFW during the late morning ending rain chances.  East of Dallas, storms are likely to develop along that front during the midday hours.  Once again, DFW would miss out on the best rain chance.

NTX Rain Chances1111



Below is an estimate of 2-day rain totals for Wednesday and Thursday combined.  The .25″ to .50″ for DFW may be on the high side.  Along the Red River is where the greatest chance of higher rainfall amounts will be located.

NTX Rain Chances111aa