OXNARD (105.3 THE FAN) — The G-Bag Nation arrived in force in Oxnard California over the weekend! We came this year to Cowboys Training Camp on a mission.

The two previous summers we dominated with quality broadcasting highlighted by our “3 live mics” post practice massive rapid interview sessions. We hit the ground running!

The General brought with him the legendary hand crafted G-Bag Nation flag. We planted the flag at the incredible 105.3 the Fan compound, the incredible Bud Light Beach House.

OMG!!! This place is even more awesome than described! Pictures don’t do it justice. It’s breathtaking! the Flag was hung in its glory in the main room for all eyes to behold.

We decided to also carry the flag to our broadcast headquarters at the Cowboys practice field up at the tennis court. And like clock work, the audio planting of the flag has begun. Yes, as is tradition on every Gbag Nation road trip. From Oxnard, to Las Vegas to Philly to New York City to Daytona to Arizona to Oxnard again.

At the top of the hour, Gbag Nationals can be proud to know, I stand up, look around and proudly let out the “ooooooooo weeeeeeeee!!!” And like clockwork, those within earshot turn around in amazement.

Meanwhile over the air, as it’s going down, Gbag Nationals all know it’s official: The Gbag Nation is Here! I do it for The Nationals. I do it for you because you guys make it all possible for us to do this. We can never thank you enough. Your support and enthusiasm is inspiring. That’s why before the mics come on i yell out “Energy Level Up!” and it’s off to the races!

Saturday we received the ultimate compliment. We were standing on the sidelines at the start of Cowboys practice. Our broadcast was completed for the day and we were watching the players warm up just like the hundreds of fans and media who were there. And suddenly at a quiet moment in the action, a very loud and strong “oooooooo weeeeeeeeeee!” was heard very loud and clear from the

Everyone turned around & looked. I glanced across the field, spotted the Gbag National broadly grinning, wearing his Cowboys Jersey. I smiled back at him, gave him a salute & yelled back with gusto…. “Gotcha Down!”

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