Cowboys Blue/White Scrimmage Player Review

By Mike Bacsik | 105.3 The Fan
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Mike Bacsik, a Dallas native and former big league pitcher for the...
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OXNARD (105.3 THE FAN) — The G-Bag Nation’s Mike Bacsik was in Oxnard on Sunday to watch the Cowboys annual Blue-White scrimmage.

He provides his thoughts here:

1. Tony Romo –– Romo played and looked pretty good. I’m not a back expert, so he looked agile to me. He didn’t throw the ball great to the right side. Completed a deep ball over the middle to T. Williams, but it was a duck.

2. Dez Bryant –– He talks A LOT of trash. He is the best athlete on the field and made numerous plays. Scandrick covered him all day and did a solid job, but 1-on-1, nobody can cover Dez. He got lit up by Wilcox after a nice catch over the middle, because 30 minutes before hand he was talking trash to the DBs and trying to get under their skin. He did and paid the price later in practice.

3. Brandon Weeden — Weeden got plenty of reps and looked really good. You can tell Romo is better, but if Weeden has to start a few games, Cowboys fans shouldn’t count it as a loss. He can play QB.

Others — Webb looked better today. Heath didn’t. Street will make some big plays this year. Kevin Durant loves Terrance Mitchell and more importantly so does the defensive coaching staff. McClain didn’t really do anything or care to do anything today.

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