Education is vital to success. The purpose of a college education is to set you on a path to prosperity and offer critical thinking which allows you more options of diversity.

Dr. Cody Arvidson is the founder of The Degree Solutions Group, a company that helps people reach their higher education goals.

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Cody Arvidson)

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Cody Arvidson)

She earned her Ph.D. in higher education with a minor in psychology from the University of North Texas, a master’s in counseling psychology from the University of Kansas, a master’s in educational administration from Texas A&M University and her Bachelor’s of Arts in psychology with minors in management/mathematics, magna cum laude from the University of West Florida.

Within her 10-year history of coaching, Arvidson has helped approximately 80 doctoral candidates successfully complete their dissertations.

A dysfunctional relationship (love/hate) could be the description of the graduate student and their mentoring professor.

“Dissertation is an endurance test; it is about surviving academic hazing more than it is about independent research,” said Arvidson.

Georgetown University, Pepperdine, University of Phoenix, Argosy, Cappella, Walden and the University of Texas at Austin are some of the schools that Arvidson has coached students through the process in their study of philosophy, psychology, education, business, management, organizational leadership and political science.

Arvidson assisted one diligent grad school student through her dissertation. That student from the University of Phoenix completed the process within 15 months.

“When online courses are put together appropriately and managed with an active professor, they are more rigorous than in-seat courses,” said Arvidson.

When it comes to returning to school, Arvidson had this to say, “Having a doctorate or any higher level of education will help you to adapt to change in the economy and benefit society and that is how we can save the world.”

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