By Geoff Petrulis | For CBSDFW.COM

5. Camaraderie with Friends

There is nothing my wife loves more than when I carve out four (sometimes eight) hours in a day to sit in front of my TV with several friends to have a few refreshing cold beverages and watch the game (and/or games). I can’t count the times when she has said to me, “Honey, I sure wish you would take half of the weekend to pay absolutely no attention to me, the house or the chores! It really gets frustrating when you are constantly in my space.”

4. Accents To Home Decor

She especially likes it when I don’t use coasters on the coffee table… and the arm rests of the sofa are covered in Cheeto dust. And she once told me, “Honey, next time, please be sure to stuff more chips in the couch cushions… it makes the dogs happy when they find that special prize!” (Well… she kinda inferred it when she said, “The dogs are gonna be REAL happy when they find your stupid chips in the stupid couch!” That really can be taken a couple of ways. I tend to accentuate the positive).

3. Stimulating Conversation

When I start talking about my fantasy football league, she is rapt with attention and wracked with wonder. In fact, she once asked, “How is it that you can remember how many times Tony Romo completes a pass in a particular game, but you can’t remember our anniversary?” All I can say is, “It’s a gift.”

2. Motivational Speakers

To the layman… cheerleaders. I tend to consider them Motivational Engineers really. Not sure why we can’t hear them when they are on the screen though? I really try to pay close attention to try and figure out what they are saying. I know my wife appreciates it because she can’t stop staring at me at the same time.

1. Understanding

Ok… perhaps this is my favorite. I may power down a few priorities on a Sunday (or Thursdays on CBS 11 starting September 11!) every now and then. My wife knows that too (I’m sure you can feel the sarcasm dripping above). I know that she works hard every day to put up with me. Sure, I love to watch the game, but I love my wife and family more. I know that they put up with a LOT because – every now and then – I like to watch a football game or two. My wife and I do joke about all that goes along with that, but the one thing I KNOW is – in a world where there are so many serious issues these days – we are lucky we can afford the luxury to watch… and the luxury to laugh at ourselves just a little bit. God bless football for another year and thanks to all the wives, husbands and friends who put up with the die-hard fans.

By Geoff Petrulis | For CBSDFW.COM

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