By Jeff Ray

We didn’t have any rain show this morning (or afternoon) for our Saturday. Same story for our Sunday


Like today the humidity won’t be TOO bad, dewpoints will be in the mid-60’s by afternoon. The feel-like temperature will top out just over 100°. We are halfway thru the summer and we’ve already seen a warming trend when compared to the last couple of summers:


We have enjoyed some good rains however. The trend of more rain in at least the first half of summer has gone positive since the summer of 2011, one of the hottest summers on record in north Texas:


We have a good idea on how July will end. A large dome of high pressure will set up shop over America’s heartland. This is a typical weather pattern in summer so it doesn’t come as a surprise. It’s just that its the first real lock down of hot & dry we’ve seen. This translates to above normal highs for a large swath of the United States:

PM US Airport Cast Monthly Outlook

And all that bountiful rain we enjoyed the first half of summer? It is going to take a respite. Rain will circle the dome of high pressure locked down over the Plains. For north Texas it’ll be VERY dry:

US Futurecast CBS Total Rain

Since the heat of summer really set in (about tweleve days into June) we’ve only had a few days where the afternoon high at DFW was at or below normal. All of those came over the last two weeks. For the next week (and beyond) there is little chance for one of those “cooler” days. Instead likely we’ll see our first 100° of summer before we see rain again:

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