By Jeff Ray

We’ll have highs again today reach into the low 90’s, slightly below normal for this time of year (95°).

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Rain chances continue to linger around north Texas thanks to the high humidity and a tropical low just off shore of Galveston. It will slowly drift west but continue to help pump moisture and disturbances into our area far to its north.

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Daytime heating will fire up the storm coverage this afternoon. We are not expecting severe weather but could see some localized flooding since the storms will be slow moving. There’ll be some gusty winds and some lightning with these storms as well. Coverage will be low save for the south southeast sections of our area:

TX Rain ChancesSUN TX Rain ChancesMON

For almost a week now we’ve been waiting for Hermine to form into a Tropical Storm. We are still waiting. There is a better consensus on where the storm is expected to head once it gets west of the Florida peninsula. I believe what will likely happen is that it becomes a Tropical Storm by Tuesday west of Fort Myers and then rapidly strengthens as it charges into north Florida. Rainfall amounts will be in the 6″-8″ range around Cedar Key:

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What ever happens in the Gulf it is likely it won’t be affecting our weather significantly in north Texas.  This work week expect modest highs and modest rain chances. It’ll be humid and the storms that develop could produce localized flooding along with some gusty winds. Coverage won’t reach more than 30% over the Metroplex:


A ridge of high pressure will build in from the west as we get deeper into the work week. This will shut down the Gulf’s rain influence and warm us up a tad. Temperatures will return to the mid-90’s by Labor Day weekend. It’ll be humid but rain chances right now look too small to mention.

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