HOF Coach Ditka Has ‘No Respect’ For 49ers QB Kaepernick

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DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – With embattled San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick appearing on the cover of Time magazine for his recent sting of protests during the playing of the National Anthem at NFL games, The Fan asked Hall of Fame coach Mike Ditka his opinion on the matter.

The Fan’s Shan & RJ show posed the question to the former Chicago Bears coach of what he thought about Kaepernick and his choice to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem.

Colin Kaepernick #7 and Eric Reid #35 of the San Francisco 49ers kneel in protest during the national anthem (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Colin Kaepernick #7 and Eric Reid #35 of the San Francisco 49ers kneel in protest during the national anthem (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

“I think it’s a problem…anybody who disrespects this country and the flag” said Ditka. “If they don’t like the country they don’t like our flag…get the hell out.”

“I have no respect for Colin Kaepernick – he probably has no respect for me, that’s his choice” said Ditka. “My choice is, I like this country, I respect our flag, and I don’t see all the atrocities going on in this country that people say are going on.”

Ditka added, “I see opportunities if people want to look for opportunity – now if they don’t want to look for them – then you can find problems with anything, but this is the land of opportunity because you can be anything you want to be if you work. If you don’t work…that’s a different problem. ”

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One Comment

  1. Nard says:

    Will never buy Time again!

  2. J Sheets says:

    “I don’t see all the atrocities going on in this country that people say are going on.”

    Good stuff Coach. If you don’t watch the videos of unarmed black guys with their hands in the air getting shot then it didn’t happen.

    1. John Rogers says:

      That’s my racist brother-in-law’s take is the same. The problem isn’t innocent black men being killed, the problem is they put it on the news. And he is serious!

      Now if a cop shot HIS son in the face for reaching for his wallet, he’d be balled up in the corner crying for 5 years for justice. A negro gets shot in the face, F*** him!

  3. Tim Flynn says:

    First of all, Ditka is entitled to his opinion……as am I.

    My opinion is that Ditka is a rightwing nut whose opinion should be regarded as extremely ignorant.

    1. TiredofloserAmericancitizens says:

      And your response is one of an liberal democrat you hates this country. Big surprise here.

  4. honest says:

    @ J Sheets – You haven’t seen video of that either. You have seen partial videos of people with their hands in the air. You haven’t bothered to watch the followup video that shows that person with a gun, or reaching for a gun. Watch the other videos, please.

  5. John Rogers says:

    Does he have no respect for the 1,000s of high school kids doing the same? Or just Kaepernik.

  6. Wolf says:

    Wow Deadspin/Tom Ley, so Mike Ditka doesn’t agree with Kaepernick so he’s a racist? Funny that the supposed message of BLM and Kaepernick supporters is awareness and open dialogue yet dissenting opinions mean you’re a “racist”. I agree with him, so long as you are a US citizen and in this country respect the flag regardless of your social platform. Respect the sacrifices that make us free and by all means exercise your rights to make a change.

    That being said the real issue is the dysfunction of a majority of the African American community and the lack of accountability for their collective failures. If BLM is really about helping their community then stop rioting and telling me, a white person, this is my fault. The black mob that assaulted a white man in a Charlotte parking garage show who the real racist and criminals are. Black on white hate crimes are rampant and not reported by the media. Imagine if any of these black on white hate crimes were reversed… What a shame the “leaders” of African Americans are racists and hold back their people from moving forward and taking responsibility for their CHOICES.

    African American Community – Take ownership of your schools, communities and family units to minimize crime and poverty in YOUR neighborhoods. How is the problem caused by anyone else other than those in your demographic or geographic area? Instead of rioting and beating white people who have zero interactions with you, go into your neighborhoods and instill a sense of family, compassion and accountability. Encourage kids to go to school, be kind to others and make something of themselves. There are inherently racist programs that have quotas of black students and employees. In fact there are far more opportunities for black students to enroll in colleges that would reject students of other races Standards for colleges are even lowered to accommodate this.

    Unfortunately a disproportionately high number of black people commit crimes so the police have no choice but to profile. Sorry, but you fit the bill of a criminal and you live in an area rampant with crime. Yes the cops are going to be on edge and fearful for their own lives until this changes.

    So Kaepernick, I know you pledged money and way to go, but sitting on a knee during the national anthem is going to do little to buy sympathy from anyone other those already unwilling to help themselves and be accountable.

  7. Tired says:

    Good! Way to go Mike. About time someone says something. If you don’t like our flag our National Anthem, our Country, then get the hell out!!

  8. goodbadand says:

    YOU get out! You don’t tell people to get out for their democratic rights.
    I despise Kaperick also, but it is his right!
    However the NFL should kick him out!

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